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boy Chinese to English Translation:

n. 男孩
【法】 男孩, 少年, 儿子
from: 简明英汉字典

from: 简明英汉袖珍辞典

/bɔɪ; bɔɪ/ n 1 [C] male child; son 男孩; 儿子: The Joneses have two boys and a girl. 琼斯一家有两个男孩儿一个女孩儿. * His eldest boy is at university. 他的长子上大学了. 2 [C] young man; lad; youth 小伙子; 少年; 青年: He lived in Edinburgh as a boy. 他年轻时住在爱丁堡. * A group of boys were playing football in the street. 一帮小伙子当时正在街上踢足球. * How many boys are there in your class at school? 你们班有多少男同学? 3 [C] (esp in compounds 尤用以构成复合词) boy or young man who does a specified job 从事某种职业的男童或小伙子: the paper-boy. 4 the boys [pl] (infml 口) group of men who are friends and go out together 哥儿们: a night out with the boys, eg at a public house 与哥儿们在外泡了一夜(如在酒馆里) * He plays football with the boys on Saturday afternoons. 他星期六下午跟弟兄们踢足球. * He likes to feel that he's one of the boys. 他乐于把自己当成弟兄们的一分子. 5 [C] (derog offensive 贬, 蔑) (in some countries) male servant or labourer (某些国家的)男仆或男性劳工. 6 (idm 习语) back-room boys => back-room (back2). sb's blue-eyed boy => blue1. the boys in `blue (Brit infml 口) the police or a group of police officers 警方; 一群警察. ,boys ,will be `boys (saying 谚) young boys, and also sometimes grown men, occasionally behave in a childish way, and this may be excused 孩子总归是孩子(男孩子, 甚至有些成年男子, 偶尔现出孩子气, 可以谅解). jobs for the boys => job1. man and boy => man. sort out the men from the boys => sort2.
from: 牛津现代英汉双解词典