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modern Chinese to English Translation:

n. 现代人, 有思想的人
a. 现代的, 时髦的
【经】 现代的, 近代的
from: 简明英汉字典

n.现代人,有思想的人 adj.近代的,现代的,现代化的,时髦的
from: 简明英汉袖珍辞典

/ˈmɒdn; `mɑdɚn/ adj 1 [attrib 作定语] of the present or recent times; contemporary 现代的; 近代的: Unemployment is one of the major problems of modern times. 失业问题是现代的主要问题. * in the modern world/age 在当今世界[时代] * modern history, eg of Europe from about 1475 onwards 近代史(如自1475年起之欧洲史). 2 (esp approv 尤作褒义) using or having the newest methods, equipment, buildings, etc; up to date (方法、设备、建筑等)新式的, 时髦的, 最新的: modern marketing techniques 最新市场推广技巧 * one of the most modern shopping centres in the country全国最先进的购物中心. 3 [attrib 作定语] of a contemporary style of art, fashion, etc, esp one that is experimental and not traditional (艺术、时装等)当代风格的, 现代派的: modern dance 现代派舞蹈. =>Usage at new 用法见new.
from: 牛津现代英汉双解词典