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themes Chinese to English Translation:

n. 主题, 话题, 题目
from: 简明英汉字典

n.(谈话,写作等的)题目,主题,学生的作文,作文题,[音乐] 主题,主题曲,主旋律
from: 简明英汉袖珍辞典

/θiːm; θim/ n [C] 1 subject of a talk, a piece of writing or a person's thoughts; topic (谈话或写作的)主题; (某人观念的)核心; 题目: The theme of our discussionwas `Europe in the 1980's'. 我们讨论的题目是`八十年代的欧洲'. 2 (music 音) melody that is repeated, developed, etc in a composition, or on which variations are composed (乐曲的)主题, 主旋律. 3 (US) (subject set for a) student's essay or exercise 学生的作文或练习(题目).
from: 牛津现代英汉双解词典